How To Use A Hemp Wick

Have you ever noticed a slight dizziness that accompanies the act of smoking from a bong or pipe. That’s the butane my friend, a gasoline that’s used in almost all lighters and torches. Experienced smokers are acutely aware of the toxic effects of butane, and opt to use a hemp wick as their primary lighting device.

What is a hemp wick?

A hemp wick is, well, hemp. It’s a wire like took that smokers use to burn their cannabis. It’s allows from a cleaner hit and eliminates the head dizziness that’s caused by butane.

Where to wrap your hemp wick

Smokers like to wrap the hemp wick around their lighter so that the two stay together. It’s necessary to light the hemp wick with a lighter or match so that you can light your weed.

How to hold the hemp wick

After lighting the wick, you will want to hold the wick upwards. This allows the flame to burn the smallest. When the flame is going out, you must tilt the wick slightly so that the flame keeps burning up the wire.

Benefits of using a hemp wick

Would you rather inhale butane or hemp smoke? As stated before, the hemp wick gives you a cleaner hit. We can’t deny that cannabis has negative health effects on our cognition, why make it worse by inhaling a toxic gas? Grab yourself a hemp wick and save yourself a few brain cells in the process.


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