How To Take A Dab

Almost every cannabis enthusiast has taken a dab that was too big. The stories may scare some of you, but with proper attention to detail dabbing is a very enjoyable experience. Our goal is to educate you on the proper way to take a dab of concentrated cannabis.

Dabbing is the act of applying a small amount of concentrate to a hot device, and inhaling the smoke. It’s considered to be a much more cost effective way of consuming your cannabis. Some patients even dab CBD and other extracts for their calming or psychoactive effects.

How strong are dabs?

While most flowers test up to 35% THC, dabs range up to 80% THC. If you’re an inexperienced smoker then you should definitely stick to flower until you feel like you can handle a stronger high. Once you get the hang of your dosage, you should be able to freely dab and enjoy the euphoric effects they bring

What tools do you take a dab with?

Dab tools have certainly changed over the years from the standard bong to a specialized glass or even electric rig. Below is a list of all the common dabbing apparatuses.

  • Extract – Some popular examples of extracts are shatter, wax, BHO, oil, etc. Always make sure your concentrate is from a reputable vendor and avoid any oils from off the street.
  • Water pipe – This can be a bong with a nail attached or specialized device. Without cold water to filter the smoke you can damage your lungs leading to a bad dabbing experience.
  • Nail – The nail is the dabs version of a bowl piece. You heat it up and apply your concentrate directly to it.
  • Torch – A strong torch is needed to properly heat the nail to the point where it can vaporize your concentrate.
  • Dabber – This is the apparatus that holds the concentrate as you apply it to the nail.
  • Dome – The dome is an optional piece that is used to cover and trap the smoke inside the glass pipe so none of the vapor is wasted.

How big should a dab be?

The size of your dab depends on the concentrate potency and your individual tolerance. Buying from a reputable vendor ensures that you know the exact concentration of THC and CBD you will be consuming. Beginners should start as small as possible and gradually increase the dose. A small dose should be no bigger than the size of a tiny pebble.

Steps to taking a dab:

Now that you’ve been informed on the background of dabs, it’s time to try one out.

Step 1: Scoop up an adequately sized dab with your dabber.

Step 2: Fire up the torch and direct the flame to the nail. It’s important to heat the nail until it’s red hot or it may not vaporize the oil and you’ll end up wasting your dab.

Step 3: Next you must wait a few seconds for the nail to cool off. There’s nothing worse than burning hot dab smoke in your lungs. We recommend waiting 10-15 seconds for the nail to cool off.

Step 4: Now apply your dabber directly to the nail while inhaling. Be sure to inhale as soon as the dab hits the nail or some of the smoke may escape. It is recommended to swirl the dabber around the nail to ensure that all of the concentrate is vaporized on all parts of the dabber.

Step 5: If you have a dome, cover the nail and inhale the smoke trapped inside the water pipe. You may take short breaks in between hits.

Step 6: Exhale!

Warning about dabs:

Dabs are fun but of course there are dangers involved. Touching the hot nail or dabber, even for a second, can cause a small burn mark. It’s important to be hyper aware of where your dabbing apparatuses are located. Too big a dab can leave you slumped so be sure to know yourself and your oils. Finally, use cold water and let the nail cool down enough as to not damage your lungs. Following these easy rules is all it takes to have an amazing cerebral dabbing experience!


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