How To Roll A Joint

One of the timeless ways for smokers to enjoy weed is in the form of a tightly rolled joint. It’s cheap, convenient, and with a little bit of practice it’s as easy as can be. But the most important reason to learn joint rolling is so that you don’t look stupid in front of your friends. We don’t want that, so in this guide you’re going to learn everything you need to know about how to roll a joint.

High quality rolling papers are all you need to roll a good joint. The most coveted papers on the market today are Zigzags and RAW papers because they roll nicely, pack tightly, and burn slowly. You can conveniently buy these papers online or at your local 711 or liquor store.

Without further ado let’s get into the steps.

Step 1 – Prepare your paper – This step is optional and essentially comes down to personal preference. Some smokers like to crumple their paper to make it easier to manipulate. Instead of carrying around a pack of rolling papers, you can simply crush a few papers into a ball and stuff them in your pocket.

Step 2 – Make your boat – Experienced rollers know what this is. You’re going to twist one side of the joint and essentially shape your paper into a ‘boat’. This leaves one less side for your weed to fall out of, which is one of the more frustrating aspects of learning to roll a joint.

Step 3 – Pack and shape your weed – Now it’s time to add your weed to the paper. However, there is more to this step than just adding weed to the paper. You must also shape the pile of weed in such a way as to where it rolls into a perfect joint once finished. The ideal shape is to have a small hill near the twisted side of the joint.

Step 4 – Make and place your filter – The filter is what prevents unnecessary weed from getting into your mouth. Most boxes come with filters, but if your rolling paper pack doesn’t include filters, you can simply rip off a piece of the box and use that. Most smokers are taught to use the ‘zig zag’ shape for their filter.

Step 5 – Roll up the joint – Now it’s time for you to delicately roll the joint into a beautiful cone shape. The cone shape allows the smoke to funnel nicely through the paper when taking a hit. There’s a reason why most prerolls today are rolled into that shape!

It’s finally time to smoke. This is what it’s all for baby. Now you can relax and enjoy your creation. Smoke it alone or enjoy it with the fam, either way you no longer need to feel embarrassed about your weak skinny joints!

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