How To Get Unhigh

We all know how to get high. That’s the easy part, but sometimes we get too high. You know what I’m talking about. You take a little hit then all the sudden remember that you have stuff to do that day. The common belief is that time is the only way to lessen your high. This is true, time does work, but there are other methods of getting unhigh that many smokers do not know about.


Studies show that coffee has the opposite effect of weed on your metabolism. Metabolism in this case means the cells in which the enzymes are degraded. For example, serotonin is broken down by the enzyme Monoamine oxidase, and studies suggest that caffeine could have opposite effects from cannabis on those sorts of pathways. If you’ve ever noticed that coffee has killed your high, now you know why. Extremely heavy coffee drinking caused neurotransmitters related to the stress-regulating endocannabinoid system to decrease, which is the opposite of what happens after a person smokes marijuana.


Sleep is the easiest way to get unhigh, and the easy part is that cannabis is naturally lethargic and allows you to fall asleep easier. A quick nap can have you sobered up in just an hour. If you’re high and suddenly remember that you have work in 2 hours, lay down and go to sleep.


Nothing brings you back to reality like a good meditation session. All you have to do is sit quietly and let your thoughts pass through your mind. Don’t pay any attention to your thoughts, just let them pass. You’ll notice your high will slowly decline and you’ll be grounded in a matter of minutes. You might even have incredible revelations from the combination of cannabis and meditation.

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