How To Take A Dab

Almost every cannabis enthusiast has taken a dab that was too big. The stories may scare some of you, but with proper attention to detail dabbing is a very enjoyable experience. Our goal is to educate you on the proper way to take a dab of concentrated cannabis. Dabbing is the act of applying a

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How To Roll A Joint

One of the timeless ways for smokers to enjoy weed is in the form of a tightly rolled joint. It’s cheap, convenient, and with a little bit of practice it’s as easy as can be. But the most important reason to learn joint rolling is so that you don’t look stupid in front of your

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How To Use A Hemp Wick

Have you ever noticed a slight dizziness that accompanies the act of smoking from a bong or pipe. That’s the butane my friend, a gasoline that’s used in almost all lighters and torches. Experienced smokers are acutely aware of the toxic effects of butane, and opt to use a hemp wick as their primary lighting

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Blunts vs. Joints

Some people smoke from pipes, some people roll joints, and some people roll blunts. Each is an effective way of consuming cannabis, and it really just comes down to personal preference. Right now we’re going to break down the benefits of blunts and joints, and how they compare to each other. Blunts Blunts contain nicotine

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