CannabisBlunts vs. Joints

June 15, 2020

Some people smoke from pipes, some people roll joints, and some people roll blunts. Each is an effective way of consuming cannabis, and it really just comes down to personal preference. Right now we’re going to break down the benefits of blunts and joints, and how they compare to each other.


Blunts contain nicotine and that’s one of the major differences that separates them from joints. Nicotine has cognitive effects and tends to synergize with THC. The result is a stronger head high and maybe slight dizziness if one isn’t accustomed to nicotine.

Blunts are simply easier to pack and roll. They are a sturdier paper and less weed will fall out during the rolling process. One big difference is that you must tear and unpack the tobacco from the blunt before filling it with cannabis.

Blunt papers are longer and thicker than joints which allows them to burn slower. This slower burn let’s you enjoy more of the smoke session, and with more people. Blunts tend to be about 50% longer than a joint, and you can pack them up to 2 or 3 grams depending on the brand.


Joints don’t contain nicotine, and this is enough of a selling point for most smokers to choose joints over blunts. Lot’s of smokers enjoy cannabis and don’t crave nicotine. They choose not to smoke blunts because it’s not as enjoyable to them as just cannabis is.

Joints are very thin, and if they aren’t packed tightly then they will burn very fast. This will cause you to waste more cannabis than necessary. It’s takes more skill to roll a good joint which tends to scare smokers away from learning to roll joints.

You can buy a pack of 100 joint papers for just $2. Blunts on the other hand are $1 each. It’s much more expensive to be a blunt smoker rather than a joint smoker. Learning to roll joints may actually be financially beneficial to your smoking career.

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